Our team

Ines Galle

Managing Director


After studying Romance philology at Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Ines went straight into education in 1980, teaching French at Hogeschool Gent until 1995. Teaching is definitely a vocation. However, the attraction of the business world grew ever stronger. After working for some time as a language teacher and translator in addition to her main teaching job, she founded IGTV the same year. Back then, the T stood not for Tolkwerk (Interpreting) but for Taaltraining (language training). Over time, Ines focused increasingly on translation and interpreting. IGTV soon became an established name in the sector. The firm kept pace with changing technology, from handwritten texts via fax and floppy disks through to email. The days when desks were buried under piles of dictionaries and other documents were succeeded by the Internet age. The opportunities to find the information you need are limitless these days. One thing is for sure: Ines’ career has been – and should continue to be – full of excitement.

In her spare time, Ines and her husband visit their children and grandchildren abroad. When she is in Belgium, she likes to take long walks in the beautiful Grimbergen region with her two golden retrievers.



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